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Reducing Energy Waste
Action Plan & Activities

Energy waste is very costly and directly effects everyone by reducing profits

Informed employees can play an important role in reducing energy waste. Management's role is to empower its people by giving them information and processes in which they can participate. It is around this philosophy that AwarenessIDEAS built its employee awareness/energy conservation Action Plan . With everything people have going on in business and personal life, it becomes difficult to introduce a new message and really have it heard and understood. Marketing departments learned a long time ago that it is important to use multiple forms of advertisement, and to repeat their messages over an over again to catch attention, change minds & move their audience to take action. Businesses can promote their efforts by following this same principle in changing the habits of their employees- having on-going processes can really motivate a team and sustain interest in a cause, much more so than the occasional efforts that organizations tend to make . 

From creating awareness, developing interest, promoting motivation by demonstrating benefits which move people to action, to giving recognition when deserved, we can be your partner in energy conservation. We can help you have a sustained, impactful, energy awareness project. We like to say "Our point is getting yours across" and we do it well.

For over thirty years, we have been helping clients design energy awareness and process materials that track and reinforce good energy saving habits. Our programs have been successfully used in industrial plants, restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools and housing environments. We realize that while energy efficiency is something all businesses want to achieve, it can often seem like a bigger challenge to implement than it really is. Through our effective tools & customizable action plan, we have broken it down to make the process simple enough for everyone involved to execute.

We will create a program that is tailored to be as diverse as you are- Just by choosing or creating the processes that are right for you, your company will drive home the message of energy awareness in a way that is sure to produce & maintain maximum efficiency well into the future.


Getting your employees involved in a new project takes many different avenues of communication. Click any of the following Energy Action Plan suggestions to see more information on some of the ways AwarenessIDEAS can help.

Get awarenessIDEAS involved. Have a look at our complete line of energy awareness materials, then give us a call at 1-800-875-1725. Making us a part of your team will give you valuable resources and ongoing support in your efforts to improve energy awareness at your workplace.

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