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Hold office-wide contests to create a fun & efficient way to spread enthusiasm for your energy conservation efforts.

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Have a suggestion contest that lasts 30 days, one every 6 months. Reward thoughtful ideas with inexpensive energy-themed gifts.

Use contests to gain some feedback on your efforts. Suggestion contests are a great way to generate buzz on an issue- it gets the employees talking and keeps the subject fresh. Make a suggestion box and ask employees for creative ideas on new ways they could be conserving energy in the workplace. Alternately, have them 
fill the box with reports of recurring wasteful practices they are noticing around the workplace. Offer inexpensive awareness rewards, printed with your company's logo, to the most inventive or beneficial ideas  & observations.

Rotate posters to create a new area of focus each month. Have a contest that relates to
that month's
energy poster.
A contest keeps the poster message alive. People talk about the problem and therefore pay more attention to solving it. Choose a different Energy Awareness theme each month to focus on, such as air leaks, keeping lights off when not in use, high-wattage machinery or dressing for the weather. You will keep your 
employees interested by giving them fresh information, as well as an opportunity to coordinate a contest around the message. Themed prizes reinforce the message and create a lasting impression.

Have a contest that encourages each work area to improve their conservation efforts.
Give rewards and recognition to department managers and the maintenance teams staying on top of reducing energy non-conformances.Use charts & employee input to help track specific areas with inefficiency. Create an ongoing challenge for employees to improve processes in these areas and
give recognition to groups who meet & exceed goals.Update charts to track progress and create new efficiency goals as needed.

Have groups estimate the cost of next month's energy bill.
This is a great way to gain employee awareness of the costly effects they may not otherwise understand. You can continue this contest throughout coming months by altering the scenario slightly. For example, after the first month of having employees estimate the cost of the bill, talk about ways to conserve energy & have groups guess how much next month's bill will drop by following the conservation steps. When your employees are directly affected by the costs of their daily actions, they will be much more likely to be aware of their impact & make the necessary changes.

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