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We are committed to making a difference in our world. We are innovative leaders in creating marketing awareness that supports organization efforts to have a better, safer environment. Our Roots go back 35 years. We were the people General Motors turned to when they wanted to develop their first “energy conservation employee awareness” program. We started with one plant and it expanded to all of them. Today, 35 years later, we still work with General Motors; Now that is saying something. We have the same success with many automotive suppliers and now we are in every industry. Again, now that is saying something.

There is a lot more business out there needing our style of ongoing support. You can get involved in different ways with us and share in the business that is available. You will be making a difference in an organization's success, the environment and for yourself. If you're committed to excellence, enthusiastic and want a great secondary career, send a resume to [email protected] helps organizations that are serious about:

  • Organizational efficiency
  • Energy conservation
  • Recycling
  • Employee Safety
  • Marketing Your Business

Organizations who want to encourage and empower their employees, customers and students to participate in solutions have been choosing for 30 years because...

  • We take our role seriously and offer personalized solutions to each client.
  • We help you create a long term employee culture of energy conservation
  • We have the resources to offer alternative solutions that meet unique needs within an organization's budget.
  • We are a one stop shop that learns your needs and offers consistent advice that can keep you on track from one period to another. You don’t sign a long contract.
  • We have a track record of long term relationships with clients covering decades of continuous business together. Ask us for examples. You can start with us now.

We know how to help you increase efficiency, stop energy waste, increase safe attitudes and habits, and market your projects all using awareness and motivational materials all within your budget.

Some of our typical business relationships revolving around Energy Conservation:

  • Automotive related companies create attention to reducing air & steam leaks with our leak tag information boards and reinforcing posters, banners, and leak tags. All heavy industry companies and big energy users will also use our posters, decals, energy information booklets and handouts to make sure everyone knows what they can do to stop energy waste.
  • General business clients will use our displays, posters, decals, handouts, information booklets.
  • Hotels use our posters, decals, handouts, booklets, and recognition Awareness to create awareness & give reward to employees making a difference.
  • Colleges and Universities move our portable display system to different department areas to create localized awareness. They are also big users of our information boards, posters, decals including light switch decals and handouts.
  • School districts have us create custom programs that include posters, decals and handouts to create awareness.
  • Individual schools use our products to create awareness and to encourage student participation. Schools will have us create fund raising opportunities that enroll students, families and local businesses.
  • Local governments use energy information boards, posters and custom handouts to create awareness and educate local families and businesses on local resources available to them.
  • Local state sponsored energy education companies use our table top displays, posters, and handouts to teach residences how to reduce their energy bills.
  • Military bases use our displays, posters, decals, handouts to point out where help is needed in stopping waste and reducing utility bills.
  • Hospitals use our displays, posters, decals, handouts and Awareness to motivate employees to be safe and efficient.
Why we're moved to do great work... is a division of Flexi Display Marketing, and adheres to the Vision, Mission and Principles of Flexi Display Marketing.


The AwarenessIdeas Team... inspiring joyful contribution to all people.
The AwarenessIdeas Team is an organization where people grow into their potential and make a difference in the fulfillment of goals.

Worldwide clients will see the Flexi Team as their most logical resource.


The AwarenessIdeas Team applies their expanding skills to provide quality products and services that delight our clients, enabling our clients to communicate successfully with their customers, prospects and employees.

Our sales reps see the
AwarenessIdeas Team as the most supportive, best in our chosen niche markets and a great opportunity and value for their clients.

AwarenessIdeas Team leadership is all over the place, born from each of us having a commitment to discover what's the best we can be.

The AwarenessIdeas Team is committed to improving the economic well being and quality of life for all our stakeholders.


In an atmosphere of dignity, cooperation and commitment to excellence, we will be counting on each other to provide clients and each other with:

    * Sensitivity to the needs of all people involved.
    * Encouragement to set, and mutual support to reach... individual, team and company goals.
    * Open and honest communications that focus on support of our goals.
    * Internal and external customer service that is timely and cost effective.
    * Integrity in everything we do.
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