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Safety Survey for Employees

This quick survey will give us a chance to determine what safety precautions are being taken and how we can improve our safety policies throughout the facility.

Personal Safety

Do you wear steel toe boots in required areas?    
Do you were safety glasses in required areas?    
Do you were protective clothing in required areas?    
Do you were gloves in required areas?    

Safety in my work area

Are spills cleaned up quickly and reported?    
Are stacked good secured from falling?    
Are all leaks fixed properly and reported?    
Is the floor clear of debris?    
Is my workspace tidy and organized?    
Are all tools and components I’m working with out of the way?    
Are all extremely hot or extremely cold tools and processes in place with safeguards?    
Do all machines have safeguards?    
Are all machines locked out when not in use?    
Are all machines off that can be turned off to avoid accidents?    
Are all other safety issues in my area logged and reports?    


Honest answers and frank discussion will ensure that safety is job #1. Work with us to make a safe environment for everyone.

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