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Environmental Issues
Create Great School Fundraising Opportunities

Your school can raise money and students, local businesses
and your community can make a difference in their world

We have an easy to implement fundraising program


We are a leading provider of Environmental Awareness Products to
schools, hospitals, hotels, industry, general businesses and now fund raising.

We have many product ideas available. We will help you create just the right program and products. We make it easy.

Here are some helpful questions and answers to our Fundraising Program:

Why use AwarenessIDEAS for your School Fundraising Campaign?

In a world of fundraising opportunities, looking beyond candy sales and pizza kits gives you an opportunity not only to fund your teams and clubs, but also a chance to save the world.  AwarenessIDEAS offers thousands of products to promote energy conservation, recycling and other environmental causes. These products are offered to school organizations for resale as a fundraising program that works.

How easy is it to get involved? 

We will work with you to pick out products that fit a theme and price goal.
We will create order sheets for you that presents the products to your students and parents, along with retail pricing.  Sheets will have appropriate areas to indicate selections, quantities, costs and total of each order.
We will provide you with samples so everyone can get excited about the products.

What kind of products are available for Fundraising?

We offer a variety of products to fit the needs and interest of any fundraising effort.  These include magnets, pens and pencils, handouts, key chains, mugs & cups, decals, t-shirts, reusable bags and a whole lot more.  

Student groups can choose several items for a campaign.  These items can be produced with our stock themes or customized with your school logo, mascot, club or other message to personalize your fundraising experience. Any of the products on our website are available.

What are my selling options?

Have the students sell the products from the order sheets, total and submit the total order to us.

Order a quantity of product for immediate profit and distribution.

What kind of profits can be expected?
100-200% Profit

What "out the door"programs do you have available?

We can put together packages that include 100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 each of chosen products. We recommend you keep it manageable, you can always order more. Keep in mind, the more you buy of each product, the cheaper your cost becomes. The choice is yours.


We also have a unique referral program that generates on-going fundraising income.

Schools who get excited about our environmentally themed products and their potential can choose to participate in our referral program. Under this program, your school introduces our website to parents, who can refer the businesses they work for or own to our website.

If these referred businesses or organizations purchase from us, we give a referral fee of 4% of net sales to the participating school. Businesses buy what they need and your school wins!

We call it… Adopt-A-School Program

We already work with thousands of businesses who find our awareness materials to be invaluable in cutting costs and spreading awareness. Now we’re taking it a step further to help schools that need our support. Any school that wishes to participate in our Adopt-A-School Program can call us to get started. The school is then assigned a coupon code that can be given out to the parents of students, local businesses and anyone else who might benefit from our products.

For every sale made with your school’s coupon code attached, 4% of the net sale is donated to the school to buy books, equipment, supplies or anything else that school might need. If the school would prefer to buy materials from us, this donation is raised to 7% and is given to the school in the form of awareness products they need for their own district. Either way, your school benefits!

Please call us to learn more, receive samples, discuss options or to get started! Your school can start Environmental Fund raising very quickly. Use our stock products or we can customize a program to work for you; either way the environment gets to win too!

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