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Here are some suggestions how we at awarenessIDEAS can help your schools recycling efforts:

  • Create Recycling Teams to coordinate activities.
  • Dress your Recycling Teams in wearables that give them recognition and identity.
  • Let us create banners and posters with your Recycling Vision or Message.
  • Let us help you create inexpensive contests and games around a recycling theme.
  • Have a suggestion contest that lasts 30 days, one every 6 months. Have appropriate inexpensive Awareness for thoughtful ideas. If staff and students are involved, they'll be more likely to be active in the process.
  • Use our write-on/wipe-off charts designed to monitor your specific areas.
  • Encourage area groups to chart recycling methods or possibility of non-conformances on specific processes. We can make the charts.
  • Use our recycling information boards to hold posters and plant information inserts.
  • Use appropriate decals and signage by your recycle bins.
  • Each month put up a poster relating to a different recycling concern.
  • Have a contest each month that relates to that months recycling poster. A contest keeps the poster message alive.
  • People talk about the problem and therefore pay more attention to solving it.
  • Have a contest that encourages each work area to improve its recycling conservation efforts. Give recognition for continuous achievement.
  • Use inexpensive Awareness for playing an active role in participating in the recycling program.
  • Give rewards and recognition to department managers and the maintenance teams staying on top of their recycling efforts.
  • Have a "Recycling Day Outing", creating a festive atmosphere that encourages everyone to participate in community recycling efforts. Use our handouts to reinforce this message.
  • Continue talking to us to work on new themes and new ideas to improve your recycling process.

From creating awareness, developing interest, promoting motivation by demonstrating benefits, moving people to action, to giving recognition when deserved, we can be your partner in recycling for the good of future generations.

Get awarenessIDEAS involved. Have a look at our complete line of recycling process awareness materials, then give us a call at 1-800-875-1725. Making us a part of your team will give you valuable resources and ongoing support in your waste reduction, recycling, and conservation efforts.

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