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As a company that promotes green marketing, we often find ourselves being covered by media outlets for our work. Here are a few articles written about AwarenessIDEAS.

2008-07-31 - High School Student Dennis Mikell Finds help in AwarenessIDEAS

Dennis Mikell came to us with a need for a science project he was putting together about Energy Conservation. After finding success in his project, he wrote that about his experience:

“A couple of months ago, I was researching my Science Fair project and came across a website called I requested info from the website to place on my backboard exhibit. My project was titled “Fact or Fiction: Unplugging Appliances Conserves Energy.” The notion was that appliances use energy even when not in use as enlarged as they are plugged in. By unplugging our appliances, by a period of one month, my family saved $30 on our electric bill. The info provided to me by Awareness Ideas was really

helpful. I used some of it on the backboard and utilized some of it in my research. I received a 100 on my project and went from the school level to Regionals. I attended Regionals that weekend and had a great day. Unfortunately, I did not manufacture it past Regionals, but I learned a lot and had fun. Thank you to Denis Baldwin and everyone at Awareness Ideas for making that possible. - Dennis Mikell”

Here’s Dennis at the fair showing off his energy conservation display. We work with students and teachers nation wide to inspire and promote energy education. that is just one of our many success stories.

2008-07-17 - Troy Promotional Firm Leads Green Charge, Getting New HQ

Flexi Display Marketing Inc., a Troy builder of trade show displays and promotional items, has created a marketing division called, which is helping American organizations become more environmentally green in their habits.

The staff at Flexi Display designs and produces visual aids and promotional marketing products that are sold at They help organizations promote good employee work habits that support environmental goals, such as stopping energy waste and participating in proper recycling processes. 

"I've been doing the work that's on for 35 years," Flexi Display CEO Marvin Weisenthal said.

At that point, Weisenthal said he was approached by General Motors Corp. to develop promotional materials for an energy conservation program, then the first-ever for the automaker. Weienthal had earlier worked in creating safety and housekeeping promotional items for GM.

"From there we got into doing environmental issue marketing, and I just kept picking up hundreds and hundreds and now thousands of customers who are buying environmental issue marketing materials from me," Weisenthal said.

Today, Flexi Displays' Web sites offer literally hundreds of thousands of promotional and display items, in energy conservation, green awareness and many other topics.

"I get phone calls and orders every day from people who are being crushed by higher energy bills and by state requirements on recycling, and they say 'Boy, are we glad we found your Web site, because there aren't many sites where we can get all the things we need," Weisenthal said.

Flexi Display customers include GM still, along with Ford Motor Co., the University of Michigan, Allison Transmission, Deere Corp., the National Guard, the United States Air Force, the University of Florida, Cargill Corp., Detroit Edison, and the Ritz Carlton, Hyatt and Marriott hotel chains.

"We're in the “Our point is getting yours across” business," Weisenthal said. "We help clients get their messages across using very simple products that can communicate a complex message in a way that an audience gets it." provides posters, decals, handouts, displays, booklets, signs, awards and literally thousands of other products that become part of a environmental awareness process.

There are also sophisticated plans for implementing the products -- for example, a one-year plan for implementing an energy conservation plan.

"Our keys to success are credibility, reliability and friendliness," Weisenthal said. 

Flexi Display will soon be moving to a new home in Farmington Hills that, which at 6,800 square feet, will better accommodate its rapidly growing environmental business.

Weisenthal said the new headquarters will allow the company to grow and add several new jobs in the months ahead.

The company is constantly adding products to its Web site, which is managed entirely in-house. Flexi Display's seven-person staff also designs its own products.

The company is also kicking off a program for groups seeking to implement environmental programs under which 3 percent of the revenue of goods bought to support the project will be donated to a school of the group's or buyer's choice.

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