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We're here to help your school stop energy waste.

We can help you stop energy waste, reduce your utility bills, and encourage your staff and students to become energy activists.  At the same time everyone gets to help our environment.  

From creating awareness, to developing interest, promoting motivation by demonstrating benefits, moving people to action, to giving recognition when deserved, we can be your partner in energy conservation.

We have developed ideas and products that help schools and organizations use only the amount of energy needed and no more.

We have many stock products and we can customize products to meet your needs.  Here is an action plan that you can start using right away.


  • Move one of our lightweight, portable FLEXi displays that focuses on energy conservation throughout your school. 
  • Place our posters throughout your building so students and faculty are aware of ways to stop energy waste within their control.
  • Have monthly contests where students guess the next month's cost of utilities (electricity, gas and water) and give the 50 closest guesses an inexpensive gift like a keychain, pen, button, magnet, t-shirt, mouse pad, sticky note pad, bookmark, etc.
  • Place light switch decals on all light switches.
  • Light switch decals are an easy item to sell as a fund raiser.
  • Encourage school clubs to use our environmental products for their cause and for fund raising. This will increase awareness and create money for school activities.

During school fairs, encourage a club to promote energy conservation within the school community.

We can help you with these activities:

  • Games
  • Demonstrations
  • Pass out Energy Tip Booklets to Families
  • Posters, decals, pens, magnets, t-shirts, travel mugs, key chains, flashlights, all make good fund raisers.

Get Support from local businesses who may pay for our products to get their name associated with the students.

Provide students with our Energy Tip Booklet which demonstrates many ways families can stop energy waste at home.  Make sure you encourage students to report family successes and give them recognition.

Get awarenessIDEAS involved. Have a look at our complete line of energy awareness materials, then give us a call at 1-800-875-1725. Making us a part of your team will give you valuable resources and ongoing support in your efforts to improve energy awareness at your workplace.


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