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A One Year Plan For Energy Conservation

We realize that while energy efficiency is something all businesses want to achieve, it can seem like a difficult process to implement. Through our effective tools & easy time line, AwarenessIDEAS has broken the process down to make implementation of an energy conservation program simple and cost effective for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Whether in a large factory or tight-knit school setting, we've created a program that is tailored to be as diverse as you are. Just by following the month-by-month steps below and choosing or creating the tools that are right for you, your company will drive home the message of energy awareness in a way that is sure to produce & maintain maximum efficiency well into the future. We offer free brain storming sessions to show how these products would work to promote awareness in your facility.

Month 1
In the first month, it is important to educate employees on the costs of energy waste. This education can be both cost effective and high value. We suggest placing informative posters around work sites to get employees familiar with the effects their current processes have on your energy bill. These posters can be coupled with general information posters to fortify your energy conservation message.

The second step of the 1st month is to isolate areas in your facility that could benefits from energy savings such as doors that should be closed, light switches that should be turned off when the room is empty, machines that should be turned off when not in use or processes that should be limited or eliminated. This step can be taken effectively by using our decals to point our problems and create reminders in places where posters would not be effective.

Month 3
By now, your posters and decals are making an impact on the processes in your facility. Your employees understand the concept of energy waste and are engaging in ways of spotting the issues causing waste.Now that we've worked on methods of reduction, lets look at ways to monitor progress.

It is impossible for one person to keep track of all the energy usage in a business. By informing employees not only of the costs, but of all the potential ways energy is wasted, you are essentially creating an efficiency "task force" within the company. A way of keeping this newly educated "task force" involved is by implementing the use of tracking charts. Find or create a charting method that your employees can take responsibility for updating. Here are examples of some charts that we have available for your energy conservation needs:

Another great tool we offer is the leaktag system for finding leaks, assigning engineers to fixing those leaks and then tracking the progress of leak detection in your facility. Month 3 is a great time to start this process in your plant or factory!

Leaktags are a method of documenting water, steam or air leaks to ensure timely repair & minimize the costly effects of the leakage. Employees should be aware that even small leaks can be big problems & should be made aware of the warning signs of a leakage.

We recommend having leaktag boards placed throughout the work site so the program is convenient for workers to follow and interact with. When a leak is discovered, they simply fill out a leaktag, affix the top portion to the problem area & return the other half to the board where it can be promptly addressed & repaired. We have several variations of the boards available, but are willing to create a custom leaktag program specifically for you! Feel free to call us anytime for a no-obligation leaktag assessment and brainstorming session..

Month 6
By month 6 your employees have begun to steadily take an active role in the company's energy management. They understand the cost of energy waste, as well as how to spot a waste issue. They've become proactive enough to make suggestions on ways to save energy and are improving their processes in other ways as well.Now is a great time to gain some feedback on your efforts so far. Contests are a great way to generate buzz on an issue- it gets the employees talking and keeps the subject fresh. There are lots of great contest ideas you could use including:

1. Making a suggestion box and asking employees for creative ideas on other ways they could be conserving energy. Alternately, have them fill the box with reports of recurring wasteful practices they are noticing around the workplace. Offer inexpensive awareness rewards, printed with your company's logo and your energy message, to the most inventive or beneficial ideas & observations.

2. Have a contest that encourages each work area to improve its energy conservation efforts. Give recognition for continuous achievement.These recognition handouts can be low cost and still make a big impact, as the employees know that this is an ongoing process.

3. Choose a different poster theme each month & coordinate a contest around the message. Themed prizes reinforce the message and create a lasting impression. We can help you put together a collective theme on a series of awareness items to drive your point home. These symbols and brands unite your efforts into one organized program and every time an employee sees these items, they think of the program.

4. Create Energy Teams to coordinate these activities. Dress your Teams in wearables that give them recognition and identity. These teams function as both mascots for your efforts and self-rewarding avatars of your success. As these teams institute policies to save more energy, everyone wins.

Month 9
After 9 months, your efforts should really be taking shape. You've made your employees aware of the situation, got them active in ways to spot & prevent issues and gained new and insightful information through them. At this point, it's all about making the valuable information everyone has gained over these past few months stick with them. There are all sorts of creative ways to remind everyone of the efforts that have been made, and that will continue to be made.

Banners and Signs are great tools to add to the workplace environment. They offer a constant reminder of the reasons for & rewards gained by following simple waste-reducing steps on a daily basis.  Any message you see on our site-- be it on a decal or a poster or any where else-- can be made into a banner. We can also custom make banners with your own goals and messages, specificially suited to your situation. Here are examples of a few signs and banners we've developed:

Adding more decals & posters in the right places also make for easy and inexpensive reminders. Light switch plates, machinery power-boxes, keyboards and employee exit doors are all great places to add small messages that will accomplish big things. We are designing new posters and decals every day, so we'll have hundreds to choose from when looking to freshen up your conservation messages.

Month 12
Congratulations! You've reached an entire year of energy efficiency in the workplace. Now is the time to celebrate with everyone who made it happen. We recommend you take some time to figure out exactly how much your efforts have saved. Whether it be the thousands of dollars off your electric bill from shutting equipment down nightly, to the thousands in energy not spent on leaks, to the thousands your company saved on heating by keeping the dock doors shut. Add up everything and congratulate yourself and your crew with just how much everyone's diligence in this huge undertaking has accomplished.

Let us help you create a bright, colorful display boldly outlining all of your triumphs over the past year. Together we'll create something of pride that can be displayed in every department throughout coming months to honor the hard work & dedication of the staff. Once everyone has had time to enjoy the display, find a spot in the building to set it up permanently, such as a lobby or war room or conference center. Let your customers see the efforts your company has taken to conserve energy & take pride in all you have done. Being a green company has never made for a negative company image!

Beyond 1 Year
Now that you are all masters at conserving energy in the workplace, there are many things you can do to take these efforts even further in the years ahead. Of course, keep updating your accomplishment display with new goals reached and new records topped- there is no end to what you can achieve with this program. Keep AwarenessIDEAS involved with free brainstorming sessions and help on determining additional steps to optomize performace.

Also continue to update your banners & posters throughout the building. Like anything else, these can become things of habit and disappear from sight. Rotate the media you use & choose new messages for your employees to see- this keeps the process at the front of their minds & keeps everyone active in the cause. We sell snap-frame poster frames that make changing these messages out simple.

This is also a great time to carry energy conservation outside the workplace. Hand out awareness booklets & energy conservation wheels to your employees and help them discover ways to implement the energy efficiency theory in their own homes. Now that everyone can see what a huge impact it has, it's the best time to excite people into making that impact grow.

There are lots more ways we can help your business carry this new attitude throughout the community, as well as ways to take the cause even deeper within your company. Remember: while we offer a great selection of ready-made Awareness tools, we can also create something unique & special just for you, so call our Awareness Team any time to discuss some exciting possibilities. We look forward to hearing about your successes & to helping you open more doors down the road. Call or email us today for a free brainstorming session. 800-875-1725 or



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